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Tattoo Removal/Lightning 
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Tattoo Vanish Tattoo Removal

The All Natural way to remove tattoos

STOP damaging your skin, with laser tattoo removal methods.

STOP paying ridiculous amounts of money for expensive laser removal sessions.

And don't even think about using ACID based products or formulas sold over the counter, at discount retailers, promising you great results.

Your Tattoo Removal Solution has Arrived. Introducing TATTOO VANISH® - The World's first, All Natural, Tattoo Removal Solution.

Unlike other tattoo removal methods, Tattoo Vanish® is far less painful and has fewer side effects, than any tattoo removal method that exists today. Tattoo Vanish's All Natural formula is capable of removing all colors and requires 50-70% fewer treatments, than other removal methods. Notice how we say ALL NATURAL TATTOO REMOVAL, that's because Tattoo Vanish® is also NON TOXIC and will not harm you.

Backed by a registered Nurse, with 18 years experience in removing tattoos, you get the benefit of knowing Tattoo Vanish® was created by an experienced medical professional. Tattoo Vanish® is so effective, that all you have to lose is your tattoo.

Tattoo Artists - We can work with your clients,Tattoo Vanish® helps with cover-ups. Imagine if you were able to lighten the area prior to a cover-up, thus presenting your clients with more flexibility when designing cover-up pieces. And because Tattoo Vanish is an All Natural Tattoo Removal Solution, the skin remains in perfect condition, for your tattooing pleasure.

It's not a laser and it's not going to damage or burn the skin. It has no ACID and that also means, no damage.


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